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Bay Ridge Plumbing & Heating has been operating in business for over 27 years. We offer the very best Brooklyn plumber for plumbing & Brooklyn heating services throughout the five boroughs of NYC. D.Behan Plumbing & Gas Service, Inc. was recently opened primarily to service the NYC metro area's heating needs.

Over the years we have developed a reputation for honest, individualized service, committed to satisfying our clients. Our plumbing is installed according to NYC code.

D. Behan Plumbing & Gas Service, Inc. was recently opened primarily for heating service.

Dennis's experience has made him and an excellent trouble shooter for heating problems. When your fuel company fails you, call D. Behan Plumbing & Gas Service, Inc.

Let us take care of your New York plumbing and heating needs. Our service hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Call 718-236-5655.

A satisfied customer is our goal.

Dennis Behan
NYC Lic. #815
NYS Back Flow Tester #9066


  • Oil to Gas conversions
  • Troubleshoot heating systems
  • Architectural plumbing for restorations
  • Plumbing Management Services
  • New Bathrooms
  • Radiant Heat Design
  • New Boilers and Hot water Heaters
  • Tank less Hot water heaters
  • Winter heating start-ups
  • Annual boiler inspections
  • Annual Backflow test
  • September is heating start-up month/ Clean, inspect or replace existing heating systems.
  • Expertise in heating, architectural plumbing and brownstone restoration.

Our best advertisement is our customers.
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