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Bay Ridge Plumbing and Heating (BPRH) opened for business in 1983 and is owned and operated by Dennis Behan. BRPH meets the needs of both residential and commercial clients with New York plumbing and heating. We are known for our professional and consistent service. We do minor repairs, installations, remodeling and anything that requires plumbing and heating services.

Dennis Behan is a highly skilled license plumber who gives every client his individualized service. His expertise is in heating, architectural plumbing and restoration of brownstone properties. He began his plumbing career at age 18, having trained in the Brooklyn heating service business. He then became a foreman of the Plumbers Local 1 union. Upon receiving his NYC Master Plumbers license, Dennis opened BRPH. This year Dennis opened D. Behan Plumbing & Gas Service, Inc.

Dennis Behan is a NYS approved Backflow tester and a member of the Master Plumber Council.
NYC Master Plumber License #815
NYS Backflow Tester #9066

Why Should You Hire a Licensed Master Plumber?

When getting a Brooklyn plumber price quote, remember that the least expensive price may end up being the most expensive decision. An unlicensed handy piping contractor can cause many problems, from interior damage to gas explosions caused by improper connections. Unlicensed people may charge less because they lack proper insurances, do not file jobs with the NYC Dept. of Buildings and cannot be traced to a commercial address or phone number.

September is heating system start up month—Time to clean and inspect or replace existing boilers.

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  • Ice maker installation
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • New Construction
  • Architectural plumbing
  • Boiler inspection
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  • Certified back flow tester
  • Licensed master plumber
  • Over 27 years experience
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